Handmade bricks are just a little different to the standard moulded bricks. What makes this brick so exceptional is its craggy, grained structure. This can be attributed to the unique way that they are manufactured. Instead of being squeezed into the mould – as is the case with moulded bricks – the clay is sanded and ‘cast’ into the form by a machine.

Range of handmade bricks

De Rijswaard has an extensive range of handmade bricks in various sizes. These include Waal size, English size and special sizes. Moreover, our handmade bricks are available in various colours, such as Bommel coloured, English coloured, yellow, natural, Maas-brown, anthracite, etc. Want to see our range? If so, then a complete overview is available on our website. However, you may prefer to pay a visit to our showroom in Aalst, where you can see and feel the bricks for yourself, then combine them in any way you choose. After all, mixed assortments are available on request.

Handmade production

De Rijswaard bricks are manufactured using the very latest techniques. Our factory has its own highly innovative production environment. Every single – handmade, moulded or special – brick is made with the utmost care and attention. Various internal and independent checks have been put in place to closely monitor the quality of both our raw material and our bricks. De Rijswaard implemented the CE standard several years ago.

Contact De Rijswaard

Would you like to learn more about our handmade bricks and/or the other bricks in our range? If so, please consult our website or contact us personally. We can be reached at Tel. No: +31 (0)418 552221.