Due to hailstorm damage, the roof of the kiln space needed to be completely replaced, and was insulated at the same time. As the insulation of the space was so effective, the heat from the CHPs could not be dissipated, resulting in extra electricity demand at certain peak moments. We now plan to generate our own electricity.

By covering the brick storage yard, not only will our bricks now be protected, but we are also able to deliver the bricks in optimal condition. This prevents the bricks from acquiring a green hue due to outdoor storage, and/or the packaging from being affected by the weather. By supplying dry bricks, more work can be done faster.

The roof is also environmentally friendly; less plastic will soon be required for packaging our bricks. In addition, more than half of the 24,000 m2 of roof will be fitted with 7140 solar panels which, together with 28 inverters, accounts for 2,2848 MWh, and that is more than a quarter (!) of the energy we need to keep the factory running.

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