The 120-year history of Steenfabriek Rijswaard is exhibited in our museum through photos, texts and objects.

Clay plays a crucial part in the production of brick. Only the best clay is good enough for a genuine Rijswaard brick.

The clay is extracted in the surroundings of Koblenz and from the floodplains of the major Dutch rivers. But the clay is never completely clean. For years we have found the most surprising objects in the clay. Bones, nails and bolts are found regularly. That's not particularly exciting, however, coins, spoons and grenades sometimes appear. For the latter, we call in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit. We have always given the other finds a place in our exhibition of colourful, special objects.

Rijswaard Museum 1
Rijswaard Museum 3
Rijswaard Factory 3

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