Health, safety and welfare in the workplace

In order to manufacture high-quality bricks, you need people who are happy doing their job. These people, our employees, are very important to us. This is why we take great care in matters of health, safety and welfare in the workplace. For example, as a token of our good housekeeping and with the help of modern extraction systems, we ensure that the working environment is as dust-free as possible. For the transport of our bricks, we adapt the brick packaging for mechanical handling on the construction sites.

Limiting the damage to the environment in soil, water and air

Our factory meets the strictest requirements for flue gas emissions. For example, we have a flue gas cleaning system that filters out any soot particles present in the flue gases. Thanks to our own water purification installation, dirty rinsing water can be reused in the production process. We also protect the landscape in our extraction areas. This is done by ensuring that the excavated areas are redesigned in such a way that nature can once again take over completely. We also ensure that the use of environmentally harmful substances in the plant is kept to a minimum.

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