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Brick bonds

The brick bond is an essential aspect of the walling structure. Not only are the thickness and colour of the pointing – with which one has ample opportunity to experiment with – but also the brick bond ultimately determines the general impression of the walling structure.

Below is an overview of some of the brick bonds most widely used in the Netherlands.

Halfsteens verband

Stretcher bond

Staand verband

Vertical bond


Cross bond

Lopend klezoren verband

Lateral bond

Klezoren verband

Quarter bat bond

Deltrap verband

Stepped bond


Block blond


Tile bond

Amerikaans verband

American bond

Vrijf of wild verband

Freestyle bond

Ketting verband

Chain bond

Vlaams verband

Flemish bond

Engels tuinmuur verband

Garden wall bond

Frans steen verband

French brick bond

Koppen verband

Head bond

Hollands verband

Dutch bond