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Energy policy

Energy policy

De Rijswaard remains constantly aware of its corporate social responsibility. Spearheads in the field of energy saving and sustainable production are not only deeply embedded in our policies, but also come to the fore in daily practice.

Responsible use of the available resources of raw materials and energy

In our endeavour to achieve the lowest possible level of energy consumption, we have proven that efficient production and environmental management go hand in hand.

For instance, we have two combined heat and power plants, which we employ to recover the residual heat from our flue gases and convert it into new energy. The residual heat released during the brick cooling process is recycled in the dryer. Furthermore, we use a unique energy monitoring system to keep meticulous track of the quantity of gas we consume when firing our bricks.

Ensuring a longer useful life of products

Making a high quality and durable brick begins with the appropriate choice of raw material. We therefore use only the finest and purest (river) clay for the manufacture of our bricks, as it contains negligible levels of sand or soil residue. Thanks to our highly innovative production processes, this quality clay is then transformed in to the best bricks available. Furthermore, continuous product development enables us to pursue the continuous improvement of our range. Durability and insulating capacity play crucial roles in this respect.