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Working conditions

We at De Rijswaard take a keen interest in both mankind and the environment. We view it as our responsibility to contribute towards both human and environmental welfare. And we therefore go that one step further than statutory provisions prescribe.

Safety, health and welfare in the workplace

In order to manufacture high quality facing brick, one requires people who take pride and pleasure in their work. Those people – our workforce – therefore mean a great deal to us, which is why we also strive to maintain adequate levels of safety, health and welfare in the workplace. For instance, we try to ensure that the working environment remains as dust-free as possible by implementing good housekeeping and modern extraction systems. Furthermore, when delivering bricks, we align the dimensions of the cube with those of the mechanical transport available at the building site in question.

Minimising environmental waist in the soil, water and air

Our factory complies with the most stringent standards applicable to emissions of flue gases. For example, we have a flue gas scrubber that removes any particulate matter from the flue gases. In addition, our own water purification system enables us to recycle used rinsing water in the production process. We also take measures to protect the landscape in our clay quarrying areas. This largely entails the redevelopment of the quarried areas in such a manner as to create suitable habitat for wildlife to re-establish itself. And last, but not least, we ensure that the use of harmful substances in the factory is controlled and restricted to an absolute minimum.